Professor Julius Kelp is a dull geek with a bright idea. Privately experimenting in his laboratory to find the cure for his social failures, he creates a potion that transforms him into a smooth talking, party animal named Buddy Love.

Buddy is everything that Julius always dreamed of being and gets the girl that he always dreamed of dating, Stella.

The only problem is that the potion doesn't last very long. Will the school find out his secret and will Stella stick around even after Love has left the building?
Legendary actor, director, writer and producer Jerry Lewis will make his theatrical directorial debut on Broadway with the new musical, The Nutty Professor, based on the 1963 film that he starred in and co-wrote. With music by Academy Award, Emmy Award, Grammy Award and Pulitzer Prize winner Marvin Hamlisch and a book and lyrics by multiple Tony Award winner and Grammy Nominee Rupert Holmes.

Recognized as one of The American Film Institute's best comedies in their "100 Years...100 Laughs", The Nutty Professor, written by Jerry Lewis & Bill Richmond, was released by Paramount Pictures in 1963. The film also starred Lewis in what went on to be one of his most famous roles and successful films. Since its release, there have been countless tributes and homage to the film and Lewis' performance., not only in the US, but in Europe, Asia, Australia and across the globe.

"I was born with show business in my blood and working on Broadway gets it coursing through my veins like no other place can. Marvin and Rupert have given one of my favorite and most enduring films THE NUTTY PROFESSOR a hilarious and gorgeous adaptation for Broadway and I could not be happier. Does this story sing and dance? You bet it does." said Jerry Lewis.